Mestieri d’oltremare e favole di jazz

Mestieri d’oltremare e favole di jazz

Release Date: Jan 14, 2019


Mestieri d’oltremare e favole di jazz is the new record of the double bass player from Abruzzo Luigi Blasioli, produced by the label Dodicilune and distributed by Ird.

“Simple souls that color their lives with daily gestures.

Afflicted by a parity complex … they actually leave a mark on their passage.

They often forget that what they are doing is what they are and that leads them to present themselves to the world in their essence.

The crafts of man are the tales that they tell and the tales are their trades.

There remain strong and impressive presences … who for many … who only for someone who will remember them … always.

At the end of their day they will re-tighten their jackets and adjusting their lapel they will return home unconscious of having written another page of their life story … of their fairytale.

Life is a collection of material.

Luigi Blasioli”


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Luigi Blasioli Double Bass

In the record also play:

| Cristian Caprarese Piano | Giacomo Parone Drums

Featuring: Pierpaolo Tolloso (Tenor sax /5, 9) | Thomas Kirkpatrick (Trumpet /9)

All Compositions by Luigi Blasioli (Dodicilune Edizioni)

Produced by Luigi Blasioli and Gabriele Dodicilune edizioni, Italy

Label Manager Maurizio Bizzocchetti (

Recorded October 2014 at Protosound Studio, Chieti, Italy

Sound engineers Claudio Esposito and Domenico Pulsinelli

Mixed March 2014 by Domenico Pulsinelli at Protosound Polyproject, Chieti, Italy

Mastered March 2014 by Marco Vannucci at Spitfire Studio, Pescara,  Italy

Cover photo Copyright Pavelk

Photos by Raffaele Auriti, Rossana Lamanna, Matteo Pantaleone



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